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Aluminum Foils for varied applications

Aluminum Foils Manufacturers India

Foils for Pharmaceutical Sector

Strip Foil

Plain or printed laminated aluminum foil for strip pack - These soft aluminum foils are suitable for strip packaging of Pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, etc.

They are manufactured in different gauges with most common being 25/30/40 for pharmaceutical applications. The foils have LDPE Laminated on one side & other side is printed. Aluminum Strip Foils can be made available in various sizes and specifications as per our customer's requirement.

Blister Foils

Blister Foils Manufacturers India

Plain or printed aluminum foils for blister packs are used mostly in the pharmaceutical industry to package tablets and capsules in a manner that they remain protected from ambient contamination. These are hard aluminum foils where one side is coated with heat seal lacquer and the other side is unprinted or printed to facilitate pharmaceutical blister packaging. Most common foil thicknesses used in pharmaceutical blister packaging are those of 20/25/30. The heat seal lacquer is a colorless vinyl resin conforming to the applicable international regulations for pharmaceutical applications. The HSL is suitable for heat sealing to PVC/PVDC coated PVC films. The range of HSL can vary from 4gsm -8gsm depending on the speed, product and packaging.

Alu-Alu Foil

Plain and printed cold forming alu-alu foil/laminate. The foils are suitable for High speed packing applications in pharmaceuticals and provide very strong barrier to UV rays, Moisture & Gases. These foils are especially suitable for the drugs that are easily affected by humidity as each medicine blister unit provides adequate protection which remains intact even when other units in the pack are opened and consumed.

The Alu-Alu foil can be shaped in various appearances by changing the mould. The most common structure used in these foil laminates are 25 OPA/Adhesive/45 Aluminum Foil/Adhesive/60 PVC.

Foil laminates for effervescent tablets; oral rehydration salts (ORS)

These are protective laminate pouches that protect the contents from contamination from moisture and gasses and used in the pharmaceutical industry. These foils are laminated structures used to produce pouches and sachets. The typical structure consists of 7 /9 /12 foil laminated to Paper and films like PET, BOPP. A co-polymer sealant layer is used to laminate the structures. The foils in the laminated structures are so developed as to protect the contents from ambient contamination. They are mostly supplied in roll form and are used in high speed machines for making pouches and sachets.

Foils for Food and FMCG Sector

Aluminum foil based laminates are commonly used in the beverages, culinary, confectionery dairy and personal product segments.

We produce a wide range of custom designed foil structures laminated with films, for primary packaging of products in solid, powder or liquid form in consumer pack sizes. The customizing process optimizes design for achieving product protection, product filling productivity, brand image promotion and overall cost effectiveness. Specialized structures include those providing high barriers for tropical climate, high strength for transportation over long distances, high speeds on filling lines, holographic images and registered hot melt and cold seal coatings.

Lid foil for yoghurts, mineral water, dairy products, etc

Lid Foil Manufacturers India

We offer a wide range of plain and printed peel able lid foils for containers used in packaging food, beverages and pharmaceutical products. The lid foils are usually soft tempered aluminum foils and can be manufactured in thickness ranging from 30 - 40 .

The foils are printed on one side and with a sealant polymer film or heat seal lacquer on the other side for seal ability with the substrate. It enables the user to open the pack with minimal force and also prevent spillage. The foil comes available with barrier variants to prevent contamination of the contents in the container. The foils are suitable for sealing containers made from PS / PVC / PET and PP.

Lidding foils are available in reel form or punched precut form. Usual applications are in the packaging of dairy products - (yoghurt, cheese, butter, etc.) mineral water and food products (noodles, jams, etc.)