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Mono Bloc Aerosol Cans Manufacturers India

We produce Mono Bloc Aerosol Cans being used in various industries like toiletries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, and industrial applications etc. These cans are produced using impact extrusion process using Aluminum with 99.5% purity.

The production takes place on the most advanced manufacturing lines and in accordance with international set specifications and standards. Today a can is one of the most ideal forms of packaging and dispensing a product. We have the capability to provide excellent graphics, variant colors and clear text consistency in our printing process, increasing the aesthetic appeal and brand image of the packed product. The internal lacquers being used are in accordance to the content packed in the cans.

Diameters ranging from 22 mm to 55 mm
Common sizes being used in industry: 22, 25, 35 and 45mm diameter
Printing up to 5 colors with choice of base coat
Internal Lacquering - phenolic epoxy lacquers compatible for food and pharmaceuticals
External Varnishing - Gloss Finish / Matt Finish
Also possible to have Metallic Finish, Pearl Finish
Advantages - Leak Proof, unbreakable, resistant to corrosion, light and air proof, heat resistant, easy to transport, rigid and environment friendly