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Multilayer Flexible Packaging Laminates

Multilayer Flexible Packaging Laminates Suppliers India

Flexible Packaging material consists of a construction of material made from flexible substrates. These rolls are used to pack wide range of food items and consumer goods like detergents, shampoo etc. The packaging consists of one printable material, a barrier material and a sealant layer. The flexible packaging material can be supplied in the Roll form or Pouch form.

Laminated rolls are produced with rotogravure printing as well as clear and smooth lamination that are available in captivating designs and patterns and can also be custom made in various designs, sizes and volumes as per client's specific requirement. These rolls are moisture resistant and resist contamination of products.

Printable Material

PET --10, 12 micron
BOPP --15 to 30 micron
Paper - Maplitho, Glassine, Kraft

Barrier Material

Met PET --10, 12 micron
Met BOPP--15 to 30 micron
Foil -7 to 12 micron

Sealant layer

Polyethylene based --LDPE, LLDPE
Metallocene LLDPE, Nylon PE, EVOH PE,
Polypropelene Based -CPP
Heat seal Lacquer - 4gsm - 8gsm

A Flexible Pack Offers the Following Advantages :

Variety, reduction in size
Convenience of storage resulting in space saving
Ease of opening and re-closing
Light weight
Innovative packaging in form of pouches enhancing brands appeal and desired application

Flexible laminates are used for the packaging of following products :

Snack food
Biscuits & bakery products
Dairy Products and Health Drinks
Oil packaging
Frozen and Ready to Eat Meals
Shaving Products
Oral Re-hydration salts
Detergents (powder and liquid)
Soaps, shampoos, etc