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We provide a complete range of high quality barrier thermoforming packaging films for pharmaceutical, food and medical devices industries.

Rigid PVC Film

PVC is a high performance calendared rigid film used for pharmaceutical packaging. It works best with standard blister packing machines.

PVC offers chemical resistance and optimized protection to the contents packaged. These PVC film are manufactured from excellent quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials using latest calendaring technology and under the most rigid quality standards in the industry. Its water-vapor and gas permeability is very low. A combination of a wide variety of thicknesses, colours and additional properties offers the best solution to your requirements.

Film thickness ranging from 150 to 500
Manufactured in a controlled environment
Meets international standards and regulation requirements
Excellent thermoforming characteristics
Neutral in smell and taste
Low migration into the packaged contents
Barrier for moisture and gas transmissions
Excellent dimensional stability
Thickness control ensures higher yields
Available in transparent as well as wide range of colours

PVC / PVDC Films

Specially suited for blister packaging of hygroscopic/moisture sensitive product

PVDC coated PVC films are similar to high thermoforming rigid PVC films with superior protection provided with PVDC coating. This provides excellent barrier properties against moisture, water vapour, UV light, gases, etc. The coating is applied on one side and usually faces the product.

PVC thickness ranging from 200 - 350
PVDC coating ranging from 20 to 90 GSM
High oxygen, gases and moisture barrier properties
Meets the necessary international regulatory requirements
Good thermoforming properties with superior dimensional stability
Customizable Film - Coating can be determined on requirements of the barrier properties
Cost-Effective - Higher Yield as Lower heat energy needed
Higher bond strength between the layers
Available in clear transparent, white opaque and a wide range of colours