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Rubber Closures (Stoppers)

Rubber Stoppers/Closures Manufacturers India

Rubber stoppers are frequently used to create an air- and fluid-proof seal in containers. Rubber Stoppers are available in Synthetic and Natural Polymers. These are stoppers used for antibiotic vials, large and small Volume Parenterals, etc.

Available in sizes - 13mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm
Available in butyl, bromo-butyl, chloro-butyl, silicon, neoprene, nitrile and natural polymers
Colors - Grey, Brown, Black, Blue and various other pharma code colors
Manufactured in Clean Room Environment

Rubber Dropper Assembly

Rubber Dropper Assembly Manufacturers India

The rubber dropper assembly is used for dispensing liquid medicine in a measured manner to the individual. The different components are assembled together to make a dropper assembly - rubber bung, plastic screw cap, glass/plastic pipette. We offer the finest grade rubber, glass, plastic for the assembly of the dropper unit manufactured in a clean room environment for protection from any dust or contamination.

Variety of sizes, colors, and styles
Child resistant closures
Printed graduation Lines
Using Rubber & Bromo butyl rubber
Can be made in Plastic pipette and glass pipette
Individually sealed in pouches