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A range of labels to suit varied needs

Self Adhesive Packaging Labels Manufacturers India

Self Adhesive Packaging Labels

We are one of the premier producers of roll form self adhesive labels being used in various applications in the food, pharmaceutical, lubricant, hospitality and consumer goods industries.

We have the capability and expertise to design and produce customized labels for our customers within the shortest time as compared to others in the industry.
Complete In-house facility includes creation of design and artworks to block making
Manufacturing on imported flexography printing machines - Gallus as well as rotary letterpress machines
Camera Inspection machines ensure defect free production of labels in line with customer expectations
Available in both paper (Matt, Semi Coated, Coated) and filmic (PE, PET, PVC, PP) label stock using adhesives based on what the application demands
Printing up to 8 UV colors with capability of UV Varnish for top protection and glow
A variety of enhancement effects available- Lamination, UV Varnish, Embossing, Screen Printing, Hot/Cold Foil, Half Tone Effect, etc
Security Features to prevent counterfeiting in products - these include holograms, specialized inks, bar-coding, serial numbering, etc
We also produce special labels like In-Mould Labels used in the lubricant market. These are available in cut form and it adheres to the shape of the container enabling a 'no label look'. It also acts as a security feature since it is impossible to remove the label from the container as adhesion has taken place in moulding stage itself making the label a fused part of the container

Wrap around Labels - quality in material and printing

Wrap around labels are suitable for metal cans, plastic bottles, tubes, glass containers and composites whose packaging requires attractive graphics and half tones.

Our machines are capable of producing wrap around labels which are made of material like oriented polypropylene enabling high end graphic printing for added allure.
Can be supplied in roll form as well as in cut and stack form
Available in white opaque pearlised BOPP or transparent natural BOPP material
Label thickness ranges from 35 to 70 microns
BOPP Labels provide a graceful look and clean finish to the product packaged
Wrap Around labels provide the maximum yield thereby being most cost effective