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Zenith Packaging Boards

Higher bulk and Stiffiness than the standard Ivory Board (Bulk~1.5).

Target at GC1 from Europe.

Aesthetically pleasing pigment coated on back side improve printing potential as compared to manila back.

Optimum performance on high speed conversion process.

Excellent performance on folding, die cutting and scoring.

Food Grade - Meets FDA 176.170 requirements.

Free from any Flavor and Odour.

Persoanl and Health Care products


Media Packaging

Electonics and Entertainment products

Book covers (215 gsm)

Cigarette packaging (Offset printing, 215 gsm for inner box and 235 gsm for outer box)

Base board for foil lamination

Base board for vaccum metallization

Chocolates and Confectionery packaging

Desktop calendars

Basis Weight g/m2 3% 215-380
Caliper m 305 10-610 10
Ningbo Fold
Ningbo Fold Packaging Boards

Compete Ivory board with bulk of 1.35 to 1.40

Even grammage distribution for good formation and good print result.

Triple coating on top side gives excellent smothness thus good print results.

Food Grade - Meets FDA 176.170 requirements.

Book cover (190-210 gsm)

Shopping Bags (190 gsm and above)

Railways and Air ticket jackets (190 and 210 gsm)

Office files and Folders (190 and 210 gsm)

Cigarette Box [230gsm for offset printing and 230gsm G grade for Gravure printing (special requirement)]


CD Covers

Tea Bags

Toys Packing

Outer box of playing cards.

Basis Weight g/m2 3% 190-440
Caliper m 245 10-610 10